Thursday, February 4, 2010

What We Found At The Library, #10

What better way to get Lauren to sit still for storytime than to have quick, rhyming verses in a book with adorably bright illustrations? The artist painted colorful, uncluttered pictures in acrylic paints and we loved them. Lauren's been getting better and better about counting -- or, better at repeating the sequences of numbers -- so these rhymes about numbers were perfect for her. The compilation includes some of her old favorites like Baa Baa Black Sheep and One Two Buckle My Shoe, as well as some new favorites like Pairs of Pears and St. Ives. We read this book over and over, sometimes dancing to the rhythms of the words (It wasn't me, I promise.) and singing loudly when our favorite verses popped up. (Ok...that was me. I just couldn't help myself.)

For several months now, we've been loyal Sweet Briar readers. And for several months, I've been waiting to tell you about this wonderful series! She's a kind-hearted, but definitely smelly skunk whose adventurous encounters leave her with new lessons about treating others (or being treated by others) with respect and friendship. In this particular story, Sweet Briar tries to settle into her new school, but is terribly discouraged by the other students. They pick on her and tease her for being so stinky, all the while not really trying to get to know her at all. Sweet Briar's parents reassure her that she's the sweetest thing, but without being accepted by the other kids, her cheerful spirit falls into sadness. In the end, her kindness and intelligence win them over, but getting there is tough. I've really appreciated that Mia's hearing lessons about treating others with respect and love no matter what, and Mia...she just loves skunks. For some reason, they've weaseled their way into her imagination and she's fascinated by them. So for this sweet series of stories to be centered around one, we're both charmed.

I love it when a book takes me by surprise and delights me with its story. I'm a cover-judging reader, and this one didn't hit me as something to be excited about. The illustrations, while cute, aren't done in a way that tickles my fancy, and the title didn't really catch my attention either. But the magic of books is that you never know exactly what's between the covers until you start reading. This one is about a little girl -- Rosie -- who sets out to determine just what exactly the moon is made of. Cat thinks it's a saucer of sweet milk, Butterfly thinks it's a pile of sparkling sugar, Mouse thinks it's flour that puffs out into clouds on a breezy night. Rosie isn't convinced, and heads to her Gran's house for some serious answers. Gran is evasive, though. She's busy mixing up a tasty looking recipe. The ingredients are just the things all of Rosie's friends have suggested the moon is made of, and before long Rosie has determined that the moon is made up of the exact thing Gran is baking: a giant Sugar Cookie. After all, they're both round, white, sparkling, and full of goodness. My favorite part though, comes on the very last page when Rosie's imaginative thoughts wander to what the sun might be made up of. After being inspired by imagining the moon's composition, Mia and I had a great time coming up with lists of things that might be sun-like in color or shape. I loved this book for the story itself as well as its ability to make Mia stare off into the sky and wonder. To imagine. This story will go on my short list (wait...long list) of favorites.

Now it's your turn! What did you find on a bookshelf lately? Here now, is Mr. Linky. (Yes, I'm indecisive. Let's not talk about it.)


  1. Yeah! So glad to see Mr. Linky again!
    Sweet Briar sounds like a great series for Isaac, thanks!

  2. And did you make the recipe for sugar cookies in "The Moon Might be Milk?" We did, after reading that one, and they were pretty tasty!

  3. The first one sounds like it would be pretty popular over here!

  4. Jen - We talked about making them...but every time we did, it was during the bedtime reading and by morning it was forgotten. But I do love it when books do stuff like that. Include extra activities to enhance the experience...we'll have to get better about actually doing them :)

  5. Just so you know -- I took two of your recommendations to the library with me yesterday -- The Odd Egg and Where is The Green Sheep? Lily loves both of them! I always like hearing what books hold Lauren's attention because she's just a little older than Lily is!

  6. Amy - That's exactly what I hoped would happen! Sometimes it's just overwhelming to walk into the library in those early days without having any idea what to look for. I'm so glad Lily likes them :) And I'd love to hear if you found any others to recommend to us...:)

  7. Hey, finally I've got a bunch of library book reviews ready to post on the same day you're hosting. What good timing!

  8. These are great reviews. We just came home form the library this afternoon with a great haul, but I haven't listed them. I also posted on my blog today some of the books we enjoyed reading this week. No reviews though either.
    Perhaps you might like to take a look.
    Hopefully I will remember to try your library find meme next week.

    I have enjoyed looking at your lovley blog.

    So much to take in that I will be sure to check again.

  9. I really enjoy your library reviews! I actually tried my hand at it this time, but I enjoy reading yours every time!

  10. Oh goodness, what a great idea for books!!! I'm so sad that I missed this week, but I saw this on La Vita Bella and will participate in the future. I can't wait to share the books we've enjoyed and find new ones to love.


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