Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #49

My Quick Takes are going in a different direction this week. Instead of the normally awkward or embarrassingly hilarious stories you'd usually find here, I'd like to know more about YOU. So, I have some questions for you (I'll answer them too for a dose of my own medicine). Don't worry, they're simple: just things I'd know about you if we were BFF's. Answer any or all or tell me to go mind my own business. But do it nicely -- I'm sensitive. And since we're BFF's, you need to know that, mkay?

1. Have you always known what you wanted (or will want) your future kids' names to be? When I was younger, I wanted my as-yet-to-be-conceived daughter to be named Liliana Sue. Somewhere down the line, I was converted away from that, (rather, I was then, and still am, terribly indecisive) but Liliana is the one that sticks in my memory the most. When Justin and I got married, we started discussing baby names early on and came up with Amelia or Ethan for our first child. Thankfully, we had a girl on the first go-round because neither of us liked the name Ethan enough to consider it again for our second child. Actually, we have yet to agree on any boy names for the future. Either this means we'll continue to birth gorgeous little girls, or in the event that we ever have a boy, he'll be named Junior. Or worse -- Boy. Pray for him.

2. What city would you live in if you had the whole world from which to choose? If that's too specific, what country? If I could, I would live in Switzerland. I'm not too picky on the city, though I'd prefer something more in the North or West rather than the South. Wait. Scratch that: any region will do. I wouldn't even mind being in Zurich, though I'm generally opposed to the bigger cities. As long as we're talking fantasy here, I'd also throw in the caveat that my entire extended family would need to live there too because I could thrive anywhere as long as I'm surrounded by them. And you could make the argument that I haven't seen enough of the world to know my own mind in this...but that's why I'm asking this question. I want to know what cities you love so I can better inform myself in the event that I'm ever forced to choose. Oh, what a day that would be.

3. What is your all-time favorite book? Or who is your favorite all-around author? I'm asking you a question I can't rightly answer. Predictably, I love Pride & Prejudice. Always, Gone With The Wind. As far as authors, I love Barbara Kingsolver's writing. Oooh, and Sena Jeter Naslund. John Irving. Discuss. Recommend.

4. When you get a haircut, do you always go for the same thing, or do you like to mix it up and try new styles? When I choose a style, I always think it's Super!Radically!Different! always ends up looking the same in the end. And I think I've figured out why: I never do anything different with it after the fact. The stylist fixes it in a certain way, and I come home and never even try to replicate it. I just wash it and let it air dry, every day. Sometimes I even brush it.


I don't really brush it. The little fingers playing with it all day do that for me.

5. What would you pack in your bag if you were going to be time traveling back to...say...medieval times? I'd take a jumbo bottle of tylenol, a jumbo tub of vaseline, my sunglasses, a jumbo pack of matches, toothpaste and toothbrush, razors, hand sanitizer, hiking boots, an axe, a knife like this one, a flashlight... This is such a boring list! Please make yours more interesting and less utilitarian! You could even change your destination; I'm not picky. Just bossy.

6. Tell me about what kind of music you'd listen to, to the exclusion of all others. I'm really not answering this one. My taste in music is horribly underdeveloped, and I honestly want your suggestions here. I like just about anything, except hip-hop and rap. (Wait...what are the Beastie Boys?) I very rarely get into those styles, but if it's something you highly recommend, I promise to check it out with an open mind.

7. Do you have a passion in life? Something that gets you really stirred up and excited? It could be a career or a idea...a devotion...let 'er rip. Stand on your soap box for a minute. I think I'm a pretty even-keeled lady for the most part, easily swayed on a lot of topics. Something I am very passionate about, though, is breastfeeding advocacy. Oh, and natural childbirth. Both of these topics seem to make my pulse pick up a little and want to convince everyone around me of their benefits and superiority. But, as that would probably offend and frighten, (not to mention redden my face profoundly) I restrain myself to only discussing it with willing participants and with the utmost respect and understanding I can muster. I'm not out to convert necessarily, just inform and discuss. It brings me strange joy to extol the benefits of breastfeeding. It brings me a strange rush to outline the benefits of natural childbirth. And even if these things are my 'passion', I'd still say I'm even-keeled in my expression of that passion. Did that make sense? Above all, I never want to offend anyone, so when I talk about those things, I always keep that in mind. Maybe my true passion is to please everyone...

Thank you for playing along with me today! Visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes; I'm sure you'll find many who require less of you than I do. But what's the fun in that?!


If you're still here, have a fabulous weekend!


  1. My favorite book, without question, is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Do you know it's the first novel she ever wrote? And I've read the other three - they're not nearly as good. Weird.

  2. Because I totally want to be your BFF, I'm answering all the questions. I loved your answers!

    1. Ha - "Boy!"

    I always loved Alexandria for a girl growing up. Now I am not a fan of it. I've held onto Abigail for several years now, though, and I think my husband's coming around to it.

    Also, I only really plan for girl names. I've got a whole bunch of them I like. My husband insists we'll have all boys, which is why I'm trying to branch out in the name category!

    2. Hannibal, Missouri. Because that's where my family is, of course. And not just the family, but the family farm, which can't be transported so easily.

    If it had to be another place, I would pick somewhere warm but not so hot that grass and trees couldn't grow. Someplace that I could walk around barefoot outside every day.

    3. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Always.

    I liked her other books, too: Little Men, An Old-Fashioned Girl, etc.

    4. It's always the same, it just varies in length. My biggest change was in college when I asked my friend to cut my bangs for me and she said I was too old for my fringe bangs and so I grew them out.

    And I honestly don't brush my hair either. Like you, wash and air dry. I'm much too lazy to do more than that.

    5. Oh, I'm with you on the matches, toothbrush and hiking boots. The only thing I can think to add to that list is junk food. And my husband, so he could share the adventure.

    6. Country. Always.

    7. Good, I will email all my questions to you when we get pregnant and I have to figure out this whole breastfeeding thing!

    I'm passionate about New Feminism, and have big plans to write a book about it someday. Along with that the two things that get me fired up right now are contraception and having babies. Have I mentioned how I can't wait to start a family? Every other day for over a month now my husband has heard me talk about other people's fertility problems and my baseless fears of that happening to us and how I'm praying that we're blessed with a baby quickly. It's starting to drive him a little crazy, so I'm trying to tone it down!

    I can't wait to read everyone else's responses!

  3. Ooo, I love this idea!

    1- We have like 8 girls names picked and ready to go, still have to settle on a boys name. I tell my hubby the same thing! We better pick a boys name, or we aren't going to have any!

    2- Anywhere my family lives and bugs don't.

    3- I don't think I could answer that without a couple pages.

    4- I have only gotten like 3 haircuts in my entire life, and I hated them all. My hair is poofy and curly. I just cut it myself now.

    5- I would take my bra. And my own bible. And HUGE supply of fresh fruit that would never go bad.

    6- Celtic Instrumental music. Its beautiful and can be relaxing or energizing.

    7- A passion. Ummmm, I think that would be children. I wish that I could take in every unwanted child out there and care for them and love them. Thats been my dream since I was 7 and found out that there actually were children out there that were "unwanted".

  4. 1. The boy name I've always wanted belongs to my second son. I have always loved the name Isabel Grace, but now Isabel is way too popular. So if we have a girl at some point we'll have to figure that one out. I have a million boys names I like, girls names are much harder for me.

    2. We would totally live on the gulf side of Florida if it weren't for all those pesky hurricanes.

    3. Wow, that's hard. Can I give favorite authors? Jacqueline Carey, Rachel Caine, Orson Scott Card- lots of fantasy.

    4. I tried lots of different styles before I had kids. My oldest is now 4 and I've had exactly 3 hair cuts since his birth- twice going brutally short after growing out past my shoulders, the other just to trim ends.

    5. I'm super practical so I'd have most everything you listed. :)

    6. I love classical music. Beethoven and Dvorak are my favorites, but I could list dozens of composers I love. :)

    7. My passion is teaching. I *really* love to teach and that's what I've dedicated my life to.

  5. I'll play!

    1. I always loved the name Kate/Katy, but I never used it because our last name starts with K and I thought it sounded like a stutter...

    2. I would live anywhere the weather is moderate, but still has the change in seasons--I'd miss that--and my kids and grandkids would have to live there too!

    3. My all-time favorite authors are Maeve Binchy and Belva Plain. I love all of their books because they really develop the characters and the story and there's no "smut".

    4. I'm with you--I always think I'm getting a new style/cut, but often my hair looks exactly the same (my kids say it's been the same for the last 20 years!).

    5. I like your ideas, but I have to confess I'm dependent on today's technology so I wouldn't want to be without today's conveniences. I'd put up a fuss if anyone tried to make me go back!

    6. I like to listen to Gregorian chant (it's so peaceful!) or any piano or violin arrangement when I'm driving or at work. If the song has words, I find myself singing them (even if I hate the song), and I don't get anything done!

    7. I am also a great advocate for breastfeeding and natural childbirth since I enjoyed (and survived!) both. I am also an advocate for adoption, whether at the infant stage for not, since I am an adoptive parent.

    I enjoy reading your blog and am happy to be your BFF even though I'm sure I'm old enough to be your mom!

  6. We had to compromise on our girl's name. If I had chosen by myself, I would have given her the Welsh name "Bronwen." That was too crazy for my husband, so our compromise was "Brooke." At least we foudn a compromise! I know a couple who had to draw names out of a hat for their first boy because they could NOT agree. Can you imagine getting a name you really disliked for your first child?

  7. These are so much fun, guys! I almost feel like I'm painting your toenails while we share a tube of cookie dough and discuss the merits of our current crushes.


    Just me?

  8. I love this take on things! I don't know if I can answer all the questions though, at least not without an excessive amount of thought.

    1. I had only ever thought about one name for a girl. Thankfully my husband liked it too, and we had a girl first. Each name since then has been a joint decision, easily reached.

    2.I am not well-traveled, at all. I would choose a city on a beach though. I love the beach.

    3. This one is hard! I really, really, really love to read. Peace Like a River by Leif Enger is always at the top of my list of suggestions for others. But if I was going to choose one book, I think it would be To Kill a Mockingbird. I think.

    4. I love getting my hair done, but it never looks very different. I have short hair, so my options are pretty limited. I usually look pretty much the same, just fresher color.

    5. Too much thought required, at least right now.

    6. Do you mean a genre? A band? This is tough too. Probably Christian rock/pop, I guess. Delirious, Matt Maher, Switchfoot, so on. Or just rock--U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, Muse.

    7. My faith, although I'm not very good at talking about it, because like you I don't want to be offensive or overwhelming.

  9. 1. I always loved the name Elisabeth, and now that we were blessed with one, DH gets to take the lead if we have another girl. Andrew, Brian, and Liam are currently at the top of my boys name list.

    2. I would live in Ireland on the west coast. Never been but my husband tells me it is amazing. Actually I would love to live anywhere with seasons where I could see the ocean and mountains in the distance.

    3. Anne of Green Gables, always. Current favorites are Madeleine L'Engle and Andrew Greeley

    4. I'm with you--I always think I'm getting a new style/cut, but often my hair looks exactly the same.

    5. I like your list and chosen time period, might add a jumbo box of tampons.

    6. I was raised on folk/rock; my mom was a big Judy Collins & Joan Baez fan, I now also really like Joanie Mitchell, Amy Grant, Mary Chapen Carpenter.

    7. I am also a great advocate for breastfeeding and natural childbirth since it is what I studied and now have personal experience.

  10. 1. When I was little I really loved Chloe. Now my husband really likes it and would have gladly used it for any of our girls, I just don't really care for it any more...strange!

    2. New Zealand. I would *love* to live in New Zealand. Of course, the whole extended family would have to schlep there as well for me to actually go there!

    3. This one is hard for me. I usually have a favorite author of the moment, but I can't decide on my one true favorite. Right now, I've been reading a lot of Jodi Picoult, which I've really been enjoying, but wouldn't say is my *favorite*.

    4. I mix up my hair a lot. I've had short, long, bangs, no bangs, blonde, black, red, brown. I figure if I don't like it, I can always change it again or it will grow back soon enough so what the heck!

    5. Hmmm...toughy. I have problems packing for a weekend trip to my mom's house, let alone planning for something like this. I know that's not really an answer but it would literally take me a week of list writing to figure out what I would really want to take with me!

    6. Rock. Hard rock, classic rock, punk rock. I'm such a weird girl.

    7. I think it's so beneficial for children to have a stay-at-home mom. At least until they're three...although for my kids hopefully it will be for much longer than that. I know it doesn't work for every family, but I'm so grateful that it does for mine.

    Pass the toenail polish and cookie dough!

  11. 1. I remember praying in 5th grade that I would marry a boy named Ryan, and I promised that I would name my first son Ryan... thankfully I did not do either of those two things. And for a girl I planned to use a mispelling of my friend Andrea's name in the middle school yearbook: Anadra. Again, not so much.
    2. I've lived in San Diego, the San Fransico area, Pittsburgh, and now CT. As surprising as it may be Pittsburgh was my favorite city, at least as far as places to raise a family go. I'd love to go back.
    3. I never remember books long enough to call them my favorite. Right now I'm finishing up the Anne of Green Gables series (I'm on book 7 out of 8), and loving those.
    4. I generally get the same sort of cut, straight across the bottom, at various lengths. But I go back and forth on whether to have it angled around my face. Sometimes I saw yes, and then I hate it, sometimes I say no, but then think the cut is too boring.
    5. A sewing machine would be nice to have.
    6. Oh I need variety. I would get very tired of listening to only one type.
    7.The only "issue" that I can think of that I get passionate about to the point of tears is abortion. I was an "unwanted" baby and am thankful that my birth mother chose life and adoption instead of the alternative.

  12. Before I step up to my soap box, I would like to request a Dr.Pepper with my cookie dough and Princess Pink toenail polish. :)

    1. I am plum out of boy names. But could go on forever with girl names.

    2. I am not well traveled, either, so I might pick a warm places but not hot or humid. Since that place just might not exist, maybe a stay on the moon or Mars would be cool.

    3. There is just not enough time to answer that one.

    4. I am stuck with the same old same old, I have indecision and fear running thick through my brain along with a giant dose of lazy when it comes to beauty routines, so something crazy like a change in hairstyle, might just throw me over the edge!

    5. I would bring clean clothes, and lots of them. And lots and lots of deodorant. Oh, and a big huge jug of Dr.Pepper!

    6.I married Mr.Eclectic of Music, so I listen to it all. If I get to choose, which happens rarely, I am more likely to choose acoustic, christian, or 90's hits. Yes. I find myself listening to things I did in high school. It's an embarrassment really.

    7. I wish that I had you around when my first baby was born and maybe even my second. Nursing wasn't pushed much and I don't think I tried as hard as I could. They were breast fed for a while, but it fizzled. My passion, if I had to choose, might be serving others. I hope that my life is spent loving like Jesus in a real way, I have no desire to be a "professional Christian", but would rather live by example.

    This was so fun!! You have the best ideas! Have a great weekend!

  13. I love this spin on the Quick Takes!! To save you from reading a novel, I’ll won’t answer all…

    1. I had names I loved, but then I was a teacher for a couple years before becoming a mommy. And there is nothing like a bad-association that can kill a beloved name. We are currently struggling with what to name our third. I wish we had a name picked out already b/c I don't want to be playing -eenie-meenie-miney-moe- in the hospital. Thankfully, this one is a girl because like you, we are even worse at coming up with boy names.

    4. I’m a pony tail type of girl and I never have enough guts to change it up. The few times I have tried some new things, I have always hated it b/c I don’t like spending time on my hair. I love summer b/c I can walk out the door wet-headed.

    By the way, I've always admired whatever cute haircut you sport. Whenever I see pics I always think "too bad I can't pull that one off."

    6. I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to music and rarely ever know which artists I love simply b/c I don’t pay attention, but I have recently fallen in love with Michael Buble’s Crazy Love CD. The kids and I groove to track #5 (sadly, I don’t even know the name of the song) all the time.

    7. My blood pressure gets worked up when I feel judged by others for wanting or having more than 2 children. I feel passionate about giving our kids the gift of siblings b/c I think it’s the greatest gift my parents gave me. I think that the number of children a family has is between them and God, and get very irritated when people make comments to us about how crazy we are to have a 3rd and *gasp* think that we may even be open to more.

  14. 1. For a girl I always like Allison or Minta (after my grandma) Allison, Tyler how not such a big fan and i too am not at all good at making decisions so Mackenzie's (which i actually thought was unique at the time and meaningful as it is the last name of dear family friends) name was drawn out of a hat. For a boy which i hope i am not having anytime soon as i am still not over the whole drama of the first child i liked Brady which is my median name but my sister beat me to that soo.. who know i know his middle name would be Tyler he he..

    2. I would love to live in Paris or anywhere somewhat close to Paris or any where in Europe with all the art and well yeah all the art and the history would be so much fun. however i would be so very homesick after about a month so i would have to be insanely wealthy to afford all the traveling back and forth so i guess i am happy here because i love being so close to my family.

    3. and nap time is over so maybe i will finish later or tell you in person sometime.

  15. Well I was all set on answering all of your questions but the more I read, the harder they I'll try.
    1. no and we still haven't even discussed names for this baby on the way! maybe I'll steal your idea and just name her Girl tee hee

    2. Wow, so I was gonna say 'where I am because I couldn't live far away from my family' and I thought wow, how cheesebummy am I-so I am so glad you threw that in too ;)

    3. Um well since I haven't been an avid reader for very long you would think this would be easy to answer-you know less choices-but I don't know. I really like Nickolas Sparks and enjoy reading James Patterson....that Twilight saga that you made me read was great;)

    4. Well usually my pattern is: cut my hair really short and then not go back until it is too long for me to stand and repeat. I have actually started getting my hair cut regularly now and last time I thought I changed it up a little but I think it's just the same 'ol short hair do. Oh and I like that you never brush your hair, I think the only hair brush we even have in our house is a baby hair brush...I'm all about wash and go

    5. wow, this one is just too much to think about-how big is our bag? I guess I'd take some duct tape, a knife or scissors of some sort, definately extra underwear, sunglasses(that was a good one), water, a jacket or blanket for just in case(my mother instilled that in me).....hmmmm I'm sure there is more, but that's it for now.

    6. This one is really hard too because I have such a variety of taste in music. I don't think I could ever get tired of Jack Johnson......

    7. I guess my passion in life is kids, all I ever wanted to be was a mother. I am SO blessed!

  16. 1. Every name I always wanted my hubs HATED. But we knew what our girl name would be bofroe we even got pregnant. Which means we only had boys.

    2.I'd stay here in Calgary. Truly the world's greatest city.

    3. PICK A BOOK? Not likely. I like them ALL. The printed word is your friend.

    4. I try to get the same style each time. But those stylists are tricksy. Good thing I like mine. Even when she changes things up on me.

    5. The very thought of packing makes me nauseous. I travel with littles. They require more stuff than the D day invasion.

    6. I'm Hearing impaired so I just listen to what my kids listen to. All music sounds the same to me. Seriously.

    7. Tolerance.

  17. FUN!

    1. I have always wanted to name my daughter Piper. Joey HATES that name though. Sigh. And we have always both loved the name Alexander for a boy... we'll see!

    2. Colorado Springs. I lived there for a few years in high school, and it's the most amazing place... beautiful and more beautiful, and then some more beautiful. Never gonna happen, but that's where I'd pick, in a heart beat.

    3. I can't pick. I just can't. But ONE of my all-time favorite books is I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith. If you haven't read it yet, GO READ IT!

    4. I think I usually keep it pretty similar, but I like to change up the layers. When it was super-short, I always got the same cut, though.

    5. Concealer and eyeliner. My ipod. toothbrush. A camera!

    6. I really like girly indie music, like Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor (sometimes) and Yael Naim... stuff like that.

    7. Um. I am passionate about teaching. And reading! And natural childbirth, for sure. I WISH I was passionate about breastfeeding, because I know better, but I really disliked it A LOT last time I tried it. And I generally could care less about most Issues that people get passionate about, but I am terribly passionate and opinionated about my pro-life beliefs. I can't help it... it's BABIES. In my opinion, any bad circumstance vs babies, and babies win hands down. I don't tend to preach about it, or get in debates, mostly because I WILL cry, it is inevitable, and because I would hate to accidentally make someone feel bad about something in their past. That is usually the one issue that decides if I vote for someone or not, though.

  18. Ok...I'm going to do my best!

    1. I've changed my mind so many times on names it's not even funny. For awhile I was dead set on Kylie for a girl. I have no idea why -- and now I don't even like it :) Dave and I can't agree on boy names either. So maybe we'll be like you and keeping having girls :) So are you thinking about baby names for a particular reason? ;)

    2. I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and it's still one of my favorite cities. But the older I get, the more I think I want to live somewhere that has much milder winters :

    3. I don't believe I can answer this. I go through spurts. Francine Rivers is one of my all time favorite authors. So much depth and spiritual richness in her fiction.

    4. I'm just like you -- when I do get something I think is super new and exciting, I inevitably end up fixing it how I always do and it looks just the same.

    5. I would bring my house, and all it's contents. Guess I'll be needing a big bag :)

    6. Hmmm...this is hard because I've got all kinds of variety in my musical tastes. The quality I look for most is God honoring lyrics -- but if we're talking styles, well...I can go for most anything.

    7. Absolutely my faith in Jesus! Though like you, I feel timid sometimes when discussing it.


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