Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Snippets

Mia: I'm a big girl, daddy.
Hubby: *smiles* Yeah, I guess you are.
Mia: But I don't have hair in my armpits yet.
Hubby: *frowns* *sprouts some gray hairs*


Uncle Eric: *scoops Mia up for a hug* Hi Meesh! Have you had a good day?
Mia: Yeah, my day is just good.
Uncle Eric: *hugs & tickles*
Mia: Iiiiiii... think I'm all done holding you now.


Mia, at bedtime: *whines* But I need socks, mama!
Me: There's no need to whine, Mia. Here's some socks, now go to sleep.
Mia: You just go tell daddy that I DID get socks. You tell him, OK?
Me: Sure thing, boss.

Me: Mia wanted you to know that she got some socks.
Hubby: Are you kidding me?!
Me: *confused* Nnnoooo?
Hubby: Just before you went in to say goodnight, I told her she didn't need any socks. She was just trying to prolong the bedtime. *snickering* She totally tricked you.
Me: *catching flies* *creating wrinkles*


I hope you've all had a beautiful weekend! Preferably free of underage armpit hair, tickling uncles, or sneaky socks.


  1. Don't you just love all the cute things they come up with!?

    Underage armpit hair! Ha!

  2. I can't wait until my daughter (6 mos) starts talking. I miss all the crazy things little kids say.


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