Friday, May 22, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #15

1. I had a consultation with the oral surgeon yesterday; my wisdom teeth are scheduled for removal next Wednesday. This has been a long time coming, and I'm only sad that it can't happen sooner. I'm so ready for these teeth to be gone! (Click here for my poetic story on the creation of's a jaw-slapping good time.) (Jaw slapping?)

I'm not quite as ready for the pain and swelling that will be happening after surgery, but we'll cross that bridge later.

2. When I walked into the waiting room yesterday for my appointment, there was one other young guy sitting on the couches, waiting to be called. I went to the check in counter and gave my name, then settled in one of the vacant couches to wait my turn. As I sat down, the young man leaned around the gigantic floral arrangement on the coffee table, and said "Did you know the Terminator's after you?"

I returned his smile and thought silently for what seemed like forever. Finally I said, as nicely as possible, "What??"

"Oh," he laughed, "didn't you say your name is Sarah Connor?"

Realization dawned. He had heard me give my name at the counter. Rather, he misheard.

I laughed awkwardly, and corrected him. I'm not good at small talk, and didn't know where to take it from here. So with a smile and a shrug, I said "It's close though...." Then I opened up my magazine and started reading.

When you stay at home with the kids all day, adult interaction can seem foreign at times. This fulfilled my quota for a while.

3. Mia's got a fun habit lately of pointing out words, listing the letters, and asking me to tell her what it spells. Sometimes she'll just make up her own list of letters, pretending to spell words, and ask me what she's spelled. Occasionally she'll spell a real word; this can be interesting.

This morning she said "T-A-T-A, what does that spell, mama?"

Apparently I have the mentality of a junior high boy, because it took all of my willpower to keep a straight face while I carefully pronounced ta-ta.

4. My grandma's recliner (from last week's quick takes) is still sitting in the same ill-placed location in my living room. You know how you see something out of place and think, "make sure to move that, it looks horrible there," but the longer it sits there, the more normal it looks? That's where we are with this chair. When we do finally get around to placing it in it's intended spot, our living room will look bare for a few days. Before I remember that I like uncluttered. Then I'll wonder why it took so long to get the chair properly placed.

5. My husband had a work picnic at a carousel park this week, and Mia was just big enough to ride on some of the rides. She LOVED the ferris wheel. I rode it with her, not realizing that I'd be such a wuss and get scared at the top. That thing was going way faster than they usually do, and when we started coming back down, it was like a freefall out into nothingness.

My nervous giggles covered my fear, though, and I chattered to Mia about how far we could see, how tall we were, how windy it was up in the sky, and GOOD LORD MAKE THIS SPINNING WHEEL OF DOOM STOP!

She wanted to do it a second time, so I graciously offered my seat to Justin. I'm very generous.

6. The carousel was a bit more low key. She enjoyed it even so.

7. I think the tides are turning back in my direction from Lauren's preference for her daddy. She still wants him for all the fun and excitement he has to offer, but more and more she wants mama's quiet arms. Which is good because I love snuggling her, even when her hair smells like 3 separate meals.

For more random thoughts head over to Jen's Quick Takes. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Ha! These made me laugh out loud. And I'm so comforted to know I'm not the only one whose kids have food-smelly hair (p.s. Your daughter is super duper cute!)

  2. Thanks for commenting!
    I sympathize with the small talk thing, i'm aweful at it!


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