Friday, March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #5

1. Since last week's Quick Takes were terribly long, I'll do my best to make these short and sweet. Being short and sweet isn't one of my strong points...I like to over-elaborate...but here's a shot, anyway.

2. Wednesday morning, I made Pioneer Woman's Bread Pudding. I had half a loaf of leftover french bread that was about to go technicolored, so I threw it into a dish, covered it with sugar-milk, and called it good. I can't follow her recipe exactly though, because it doesn't include cinnamon - I added about a tablespoon. And next time, I think I'll cut the sugar down quite a bit, too.

Those last words might seem like they've been typed by someone other than me, someone who doesn't have the biggest sweet tooth this side of Shoal Creek. But I promise, I mean them. The ice-skating rink is now open in the underworld.

Despite being a bit too sugary, we finished it last night. Every last drop.

3. The morning after the cat-food showdown, Lauren stood up to that same plant stand and shoved a generous fistful of potting soil into her mouth. She seemed to enjoy it, and was only mildly disappointed with its flavor. She was terribly disappointed, however, when I began digging and wiping it out from between her precious little jaws.

4. This week has been really beautiful here for the most part. Warm and windy, mostly sunny, spring-like weather. I'm trying not to expect that it's here to stay, because for the past month it's been all over the map, but I am definitely enjoying it.

Wednesday and Thursday, we had all the windows open in the house, and Mia thought this was "wonderful!" She went from window to window saying, "What does it smell like, mama?" I'd try to guess, and she'd tell me, "It smells like BEAUTIFUL fresh air!" Or "It smells like a BEAUTIFUL day!"

At one point, she was playing with a dish full of bubbles in the kitchen sink, and the wind was blowing on her, spraying the bubbles everywhere. She thought it was amazing.

I did too. I wish I had gotten a picture with the suds flying, but I'll settle for this one.

5. I was stunned - stunned - to find out yesterday that Mia has almost no purple clothes. The color of the day in her class (No, it's not a preschool. No it's NOT.) was purple, and all the kids were supposed to wear something with that color. I didn't think as much about it as I did when the color was orange, or green...colors that may have been difficult to find an abundance of in a little girl's wardrobe.

But purple? I thought, no sweat. So when I tried to find something that was mostly purple for her to wear, I came up with nothing. There was one dress with a purple stripe among 4 other colors, and some pants with a purple stripe among 9 different colors. Neither one looked predominantly purple, and while I was contemplating what kind of mother allows her little girl to have no purple clothing, Mia presented me with our only other option: a purple halloween shirt with a big, blinking pumpkin on the front. The light blinks every time she moves. It's a monstrosity. Suitable for halloween. Not for March 5th.

Mia loved it. And I'm in the market for some purple clothes, size 3T.

6. This morning I woke up to some crazy loud birds outside my open window. I would have been frustrated at how they kept me awake when I so badly wanted to go back to sleep, but the singing was so beautiful that I couldn't hate it.

I was awed by the beauty of the early morning, and believe it or not, I got out of bed before any little girls woke up. I threw all the windows open again, breathed in the BEAUTIFUL fresh air, and appreciated the beginning of another day.

I know, right?!

Maybe God is answering my prayer to be more of an early morning person. He's using these little known tools called "birdsong" and "sunrise." If only everyone could know of these blessings.

7. I need some help with healthy snack ideas. I get so tired of feeding Mia 'crunchy things in a box' and would be completely fine with actually making a snack...if only I knew what to make. Mia doesn't like cheese, so that's out. She eats alot of fruit and raw veggies, but I'd like for her snack to have some kind of protein to fill her up for a while.

What are your favorite healthy and kid-friendly snacks? Any suggestions?

More Quick Takes are up at Jen's...check them out if you have time. And have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!


  1. Here's my protein filled snack suggestions that I think my kids would eat: yogurt, hummus with carrots or crackers, just plain beans, egg salad sandwhich. If she'll eat cream cheese, you could make ants on a log (I'm assuming she can't take peanut butter).

  2. Thanks for the ideas Gail! She does love peanut butter, but we eat so much of it that I think we should branch out. But we haven't tried ants on a log...yet.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your quick takes too. I love the picture of your little girl, she's precious. I second the hummus idea, my kids will eat it up, they also like graham crackers with peanut butter or cream cheese. Grahams seem to have a little more protein than some other crackers/cookies


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