Friday, September 6, 2013

One Grain of Sand

With Mia and Lauren at school all day, Landon is soaking up some extra-special one-on-one with moi. This basically means that he's crawling up my legs while I pretend to be a good housekeeper.
It also means that I leave the laundry to multiply more often than not. Because I don't know how I'm supposed to see this:

...and not feel an urgent, pressing need to be a part of that moment. And invite my camera along as a distinguished guest.

My baby, slathering kisses on his baby, and rolling around like a puppy in a field of clover, tongue lolling, feet kicking...
is far too precious to ignore. And if we have to be without our big girls for 7 long hours each day...

it only makes sense that we should console each other with roughly 5 hours of some serious, heart melting, belly rumbling, hug sneaking (nap inducing) playfulness.
In the meantime, if he continues to question the absence of those sweet and sassy sisters a dozen times per day, I think you'll understand why it's become so necessary that I shower him with adoration.

Because it will only be one grain of sand falling down the hourglass before he's off to school himself. I don't dare blink.

There's far too much to see.


  1. Forget laundry altogether, is what I say. Down with laundry and up with playtime!

  2. It has been quite some time since I dropped by your blog. I am amazed at how big Mr. Landon has become. He is quite the handsome boy. Soak up every moment while you can...because they are far too fleeting.

  3. Oh, sweet, adorable Landon! While it's three I still have at home, I'm nonetheless nostalgic... snuggling these littles tight knowing so well in my heart that you are right: I'll be sending them off in what seems like a moment.

    Missed reading here, my friend!

  4. I use to read your blog all of the time, then I had a baby boy who has taken all my free time and attention. Your children have grown so much since I last stopped by! Adorable as always :) Glad all is well in the Heavenly Household!

  5. I stopped by after reading your article in the Globe. Beautiful kids. You live in a wonderful place (which I say as a native of your town, and I miss it there alot). God bless.

  6. Great pictures! I'm Heather and I was hoping you could answer a question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)


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