Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Love

If we sat in a candle-lit dining room, surrounded by the hush of lovers' whispered hopes and dreams, looking across a too-small tabletop into the face of our future, we didn't yet know it.

We were so young -- not even a ring on my finger yet -- and so deep in it.  You walked out of a room and I physically felt your absence: the air was heavier; I was heavier.  You touched my neck and my skin caught fire.  You laughed and I marveled at the richness of a perfectly common sound.

If we showed up on doorsteps with roses and chocolates in our hands, stepping out into a night that was meant to celebrate love, we didn't understand it.  Not how far it could reach.   

We were so encapsulated.  Muffled within our own reflected gazes.  We never knew.

If we played music in our first tiny-roomed apartment, and used our wedding china for the very first time, filled it with culinary romance, and talked about where life -- love -- would take us, we still didn't understand.

It was all so fledgling.  So unripened.

Because now, we are here.  With depth and experience and truth and love; oh, love.  And if here is so good, so fulfilling and breathtaking and better than any February 14th from the past twelve years, where will we be in another dozen?

When does the growing stop?

I will make the answer:



  1. Beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day, Sarah!

  2. Oooh you put into words perfectly what I have often reflected upon! Beautiful.

  3. Wow, that was an amazing post. I love how you took us from the light beginning to the depth of real love. And you are right - YOU make the answer, every day. I truly loved this post. Thank you for stopping by today.

  4. Julie - I've been struggling to put it into words, too -- that is, other than: I love you more now than I did then. Which is true, but too *little* for my feelings. I'm glad you get to feel this way, too!

    LBDDiaries - Thank you! It's relieving to know that we make the answers isn't it? Or maybe that's just the control-freak in me ;)

  5. I love seeing how my love ages, matures, shifts. Those early days were heady in a special way, but now... Now, the edges are smoothed, but more lustrous.
    I look forward to seeing the patina grow in (I hope) many many years to come.

  6. SWOON!

    So, so true, and so well said, friend.

  7. Beautiful! I reflected in a similar way, as well! Love only grows better with time!


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