Monday, December 5, 2011

Londa's Birth Story

While I'm basking in the sweetness of my new baby, I've asked some friends to share their birth stories at This Heavenly Life.  Today's story comes from Londa at The Sneaky Mommy, where she writes about all things wonderful: her sweet family, faith, simple tips and tricks, and DELICIOUS-looking recipes that always make me want to go bake something immediately.  Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Awhile back, a young college girl scoffingly said to me, "Why do moms always have to share their birth stories?"  I was completely caught off guard by her statement.  I couldn't imagine not loving baby stories.  I stammered a quick apology if I'd ever offended her with my stories, but her comment continued to linger in my mind.

As I was nursing our new baby a few days later in the company of two other moms, I threw out the question:  Why do we always feel so compelled to share our babies' birth stories?  One mom quickly threw back: Because it instantly bonds us!  That's it!  I love to hear and share the stories of babies because it does create an instant bond with other moms!  So here we go:  let's bond a bit!

Our Little Surprise
Last fall, my husband and I received the biggest surprise ever: we were pregnant with baby number FOUR!  I don't exactly remember how I got from our bathroom to my husband in the living room with the positive test waving in my shaky hand.  I couldn't utter a single word--it was pure shock!  Our other children were four year old twin boys and a seven year old girl--a new baby wasn't exactly in our plans.  Yet we couldn't help but be excited!  Would it be a boy? a girl? twins?

We dutifully went to all the monthly doctor appointments--always bringing along our other three children.  We wanted them to share in this special surprise for our family.   We even began hoping for a girl to even the genders in our family, but, to our surprise, this baby would be a boy! 

At 37 weeks along, I was really beginning to feel the discomforts of pregnancy.  We were all getting more and more excited and antsy to meet our new baby!  Just three weeks to we thought!  After a fun 4th of July celebration, I just couldn't fall asleep.  It seemed there was something going on.  I'm pretty sure I made a million trips to the bathroom in the night.
The next morning came and my contractions started to fall into a little rhythm.  I called the doctor.  Could they see me and just make sure everything was okay? Hesitantly, they scheduled an appointment with the on-call doctor.  Surely, I was just overreacting.  We still had three weeks to prepare, right?  The kids all came along...I was sure I'd be sent home.

My name was called and I corralled our three children into the little exam room.  The nurse had me lie on my back and wait for the doctor.  Not only was it painful, there was also something else going on...wetness!  I was absolutely mortified!  When the doctor finally came in, he took one look at look at the puddle...and said, "It looks like you'll be having a baby today!  Congratulations!"  The kids all cheered and I cried!  Having our baby come three weeks early was yet another surprise for which I wasn't prepared.

After throwing together a hospital bag, purchasing Happy Meals for the kids, and notifying both grandmas, we were on our way to the hospital.  The contractions were picking up with intensity.  I was sure this would be a quick labor! 

Once settled at the hospital, our good friend, Audra, took over as my labor nurse.  (I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to have a good friend as our nurse!)  We speculated how dilated I would be--6, 7, 8?  No.  Three.  Three measly centimeters.  It suddenly seemed like the day was going to start dragging on forever.  The kids were kissed and whisked away by Grandma.   An epidural was put in place and pitocin was started to help get this show on the road.  I was ready for a little rest.  However, once again, our baby boy had a surprise for us. 

Baby's heart rate started dropping during the contractions.  Not wanting to take any chances, the doctor was called and we began to hear whispers of a c-section.  I was fine with this plan as long as it meant my baby would be safe.  Suddenly, the baby's heart rate dropped with a contraction and never bounced back up.  This is when things began to really move.  Sweet Audra got very close to my face and calmly said, "You're going to need to go in for an emergency c-section.  Things are going to get very wild, loud, and fast.  You will be fine.  Hang on."  Yet another surprise with this little guy!

Maddox made his dramatic entrance into the world just seven minutes later!   My husband held our baby, and I kissed his sweet little head.  It felt like pure velvet.  I was overwhelmed with love for our perfect, beautiful little baby. 

Back in our room, family flooded in to see our new little guy.  Everyone was instantly smitten with his perfect little lips, big dark eyes, soft chubby cheeks, and tiny fingers.  He was perfect!

Twelve weeks later...Maddox is as sweet as can be.  He is so full of smiles, coos, and giggles!   What a perfect surprise!

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  1. So sweet. I love the joy in your words. And it is so amazing to see older kids with a new baby. Magical.


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