Saturday, September 10, 2011

Open Call: Your Birth Stories!

So you know there's about to be a new baby at Heavenly House, right? 

I mean, I think I've waxed both poetically (or at least emotionally) and fearfully enough to let you all know that we only have FOUR WEEKS left until the due date.  And with that date fast approaching, I've been thinking about ways to keep this space worthy of your time while I'm on a babymoon. 

And here's what I think makes this space worthy: you guys!  If I haven't told you before, interacting with you, my friends, is what keeps me coming back over and over.  That, and, possibly, the compulsion I have to plaster my thoughts far and wide.

So here's what I'm hoping: that some of you lovelies would be willing to guest post while I take it easy for a few days!  And by 'take it easy', of course I mean 'wander around like a sleep-deprived zombie-mama smelling of old milk and new poo.'

Right now I'm thinking that I'd REALLY love to share your birth stories, whether they be dreamy and magical or unexpected and wild.  So what do you say?!  Will you share a guest post here with my friends and readers? 

Please say you will!  Your stories will surely serve to keep me entertained and motivated while we welcome a new sweet little one into our family.

Plus, and this is always important: I'll love you forever!

So leave a comment or send an email or poke me on Facebook...whatever that means...but let me know in any case!  Thank you so much!


  1. Can I contribute? I REALLY want you to love me forever!!

  2. Oh lady, I would love to help out! 4 weeks? That is CRAZY!!! I want your babymoon to be relaxing and wonderful so anything I can do from afar I will do it.

  3. Oh, the last few weeks are so exciting and so...well, long! I feel for ya, girl :) I also have a birth story (or two) that I would be happy to share with you and your readers if you have space. You can reply to this comment or email me directly at dwija(at)

    So excited for you!

  4. I'm in just let me know when you want it.

  5. How about a birth poem? I'll do that. :)

  6. I've got one, too, if you're looking for more!

  7. Well, you've read my last one before-- but I'd love to repost it, or write up a different one for you :)

  8. I'm still in the stage of smelly like old milk and new poo, but I'd love to share!

  9. Hey, would love to re-post my birth/adoption story posts on your website while you are in zombie mode ;) Just let me know.

  10. Yay! Permission to tell birth stories! Aren't they always bubbling right beneath the surface whenever someone mentions "pregnancy" or "birth" or "uterus?"

    Count me in for one if you still need some. I promise I won't use the word uterus.:)

  11. Count me in, if you'll have me? I promise to keep all the curse words out. :)
    P.S. 4 weeks??? Wow!

  12. I have one crazy one and five normal ones. I'm happy to write if you want me to do so.

  13. I will! I will! As long as you don't mind having the hippie homebirther writing about placentas over here. :)
    {WEEKS!! WOO and WOW!}


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