Friday, September 2, 2011

Library Bag Treasure

Do you remember my What We Found at the Library posts?  They were fun, and I sometimes miss them.  Not on the weeks when our library bag contains mostly duds, but since that happens so rarely, I'm constantly thinking, I need to tell someone about this good book!  And with the end of summer here (Yay, Fall!), this is the perfect time to reflect upon some favorites that have made for a good season of reading.

Or, I just want to share these gems with you and needed an excuse to do so!  So here...for your blast-from-the-Heavenly-past pleasure, is our recent library bag treasure:

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, by David Soman and Jacky Davis

You know about Ladybug Girl, right?  The energetic little girl whose imagination is MUCH bigger than her namesake?  In her latest adventure, she tackles the thorny issues of learning how to play with other kids while sharing (but not forcing) her creativity.  I love these stories for lots of reasons: they illustrate a healthy imagination in real-life situations, the main character is feisty, and my daughters adore her.  But I think the best part about Lulu, Ladybug Girl?  Is her ability to learn and grow with her imagination, letting her take on all sorts of new adventures.  From making friends to keeping busy...Ladybug Girl is my hero.  I can't wait to read the rest!

The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown

This book is just so, so pretty.  The artwork is clear and bright and detailed without being cluttered, and sometimes there are no words on a page -- just pictures.  The girls have spent plenty of time staring at this book (until Mama takes it away to stare, herself...).  But the story is the sweetest thing.  A boy lives in a dreary city with no color, but he still loves to explore.  When he happens upon a patch of an old, dying garden, he brings it back to life and it takes on a life of its own.  It travels the city, spilling onto sidewalks and staircases...and it beautifies the whole land.  Gorgeous story, gorgeous artwork.  Gorgeous.

Miss Hunnicutt's Hat, by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail Marcken

Now, this book is a little cluttered.  But it works.  The pages are filled with eye-catching scenes in which a sweet-hearted lady defies the bossiness of her neighbors.  She's got a new hat, you see -- and it includes all the usual trappings: ribbons, bows, feathers...only the feathers belong to a real, live chicken.  The townspeople badger her and create quite a fuss, but Miss Hunnicutt is only strengthened in her resolve to wear what she likes.  It's a darling, hilarious story about being an original no matter the naysayers' opinions, and my daughters soaked it up. 

So, um....did you find anything good at the library this summer?  And am I crazy for loving childrens' books like I do?  And will somebody please get me a hat with a chicken on top?


  1. Oh...Thanks so much for these suggestions. I just bought the Curious Garden because the little redhead boy reminds me of my son, plus it's a SUPER AWESOME Book.

    Our favorite is Hug Time...I think I know it by heart.

  2. I love Ladybug Girl! Then again, I'm always looking fir spunky girls. Two favorites that easily come to mind - Violet the Pilot and Jane and the Dragon. Oh, and then there is Priscilla and the Pink Planet. And...
    Oh, and liile Liam's adventure... Sigh. Did you know the curious gaden is loosely based in fact? There is/was? an abandoned railway in Brooklyn I think that was slowly taken over by flowers. Look at the note in the back.
    I have to check out the third. It calls to mind a book we found in a used book store called Miss Fanny's hat. I think. It's about giving and growing.

    Do you know Slinky Malinky or Harry Maclairy (especially the one with Zackery Quack)? Oh, those books are feasts for the ears, great rhythm and rhyme. And the illustrations are just right.

    I adore kids books. It's hard to stop.

  3. I've noticed The Curious Garden in the library before, be we've never picked it up. Now that I know it's one of your favorites though, we'll check it out! Thanks!

  4. Yay, those all sound awesome! We have not yet discovered Lady Bug Girl...but sounds like a winner. This gives me the perfect excuse (not that I need one) to head back to the's been awhile! Thanks for sharing!


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