Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Correct Me if I'm Wrong...

It's bedtime and Lauren's room is, of course, dark.  Remembering her preference, I switch on a nightlight...
Lauren: But my Lambie doesn't like the darkmess, mama, remember?
Mama: I know, honey -- don't worry, I fixed the darkness.
Lauren: DarkMESS, mama.

Mia pulls a new book from a kid's meal bag full of warm take-out food...
Mama: Wow, Mia!  That book looks really cool!
Mia: This is a HOT book, to be exact.

Justin is wrestling with the girls; Lauren is perched on his back, looking down into his ear when I hear him yell in disgust...
Mama:  Lauren, we don't put our boogers into other people's ears, okay?
Lauren:  No no no no...I just dropped it in there.

I'm calling Justin on my cell phone after leaving my OB checkup....
Me:  I'm so excited!  I only gained two pounds since last time!  I was sure it would be worse!
Him:  Nuh-uh -- that can't be right...those scales must need to be recalibrated.

(I personally think he deserved MORE boogers in his ear after that last comment.)


  1. Honestly laughed out loud at Lauren's booger claim!

  2. Oooohhh, Justin!!! It's a good thing he's such a nice guy most of the time!

  3. Yes, I think he needs more boogers in his ear too! Good thing that conversation was over the phone and not in person-he might have gotten hurt ;)

  4. Yes, some more boogers are definitely in order:)

  5. Surely, being a loving and smart man who lives in a house filled with ladies, he meant that you couldn't possibly have gained a whole two pounds! Surely!

    I love darkmess. A lot.


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