Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesdays Around The World: Today

Only days away from Halloween, and we are firmly in its grip: costume preparations, talk of bounteous loads of candy, and pumpkins. Everywhere pumpkins.

It is the windiest of days outside; air gusting around the house in great heaving bursts.  Roof and walls creaking against the force.  Bright and dull leaves tearing across the sky.

Sun is pouring through the windows to invite us out, where we would surely be toppled like giant fallen leaves if we accepted the invitation to play.

Today, we're ready for Halloween!

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Melissa has a surivor post up today for Write Pink!  Comment on the story (and on Dawn's from yesterday!) and you'll be entered in a giveaway for $50 to The Vintage Pearl!


  1. I love Mia's look of concentration! And Lauren looks like Eli when he colors: one stroke on the paper, one somewhere on his body :D

  2. The wind is blowing here in Georgia too! As I sit here, I can watch the leaves as the dance in the wind and every so often a sea of yellow float by. Made pumkin bread with chocolate chips.

  3. Your pumpkins look great! Love the pictures! (The pumpkin we had molded and I had to throw it away. I can't find any more, so now I'm trying to get the kids excited about carving oranges!!)

  4. What a great pre-Halloween activity!!

  5. I love all theses posts about pumpkins! We don't do Halloween or pumpkin stuff here so I love to see photos of others doing it!

  6. Pumpkins with markers and NO CUTTING. You are a genius :)

    I love the war paint that Mia is rocking!


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