Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #69

1. If you spend any time around here, you'll know a few things:  A) I'm full of words.  B) You're kind for sitting still long enough to read those words.  C) I have baby fever. 

Mostly, it smolders under the surface, half-forgotten until I pass by the baby section of a department store, or see a beautiful pregnant woman, or -- better still -- see a newborn baby.

2.  This week, the low fever has been amped up to dangerously high levels.  On Monday, my friend Katie gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Aubrey.  I melted into a little puddle and forgot to take any pictures, but rest assured, Aubrey is lovely and perfect. 

Is it hot in here?

3.  And then, AND sweet cousin, Jen, gave birth to another little girl Wednesday night. 

This, my friends, is Taylor.  (I know!)  6lbs, 12ozs of pure, sweet, tiny, precious, new baby.  Can you feel my fever radiating off the computer screen right now?  

4.  If the fact of a brand new baby weren't enough, there's this:

Big sister Laney, super excited to be close to her new little sister every minute of the day.  Mia was so young when Lauren was born, that I'm just oozing with jealousy to see her now with a tiny baby of her own.  Well, of our own. 

5.  I remember a few weeks before Lauren was born, Mia and I went to lunch together, and right there -- in the back of the restaurant -- I broke down and cried.  I was suddenly sad to be leaving behind the singularity of our mother-daughter relationship.  I didn't want Mia to ever feel replaced or left out...I didn't want her to be sad or worried.  Now, I know better. Mia was (admittedly) a little more needy after Lauren was born, but it didn't last long, and now their relationship is so fun to watch. 

Seeing this...

6. ... put me over the edge. 

Jen loving on her excited big girl, loving on her sleeping little girl. The fullness of joy in this picture is just TOO MUCH. 

7.  In summary: I need babies, I want babies, I love babies, the end.  Is there a medication for this particular ailment?

Have a beautiful weekend, and stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!  (And if you see any sweet babies, please email me immediately, so I can go sniff their fuzzy little heads.  Mmmmm...)


  1. I think I can still smell Taylor's little head even though it's now 14 hours since I last sniffed her. :) There is a cure for this condition, but don't tell involves getting pregnant!

  2. Yay, have another! Is there a petition to Justin that we can sign somewhere? I would just love to read you blogging through another pregnancy!

  3. Babies are wonderful. They make me go all puddley and melty too. Hope you get another one soon!

  4. How sweet! And...well, there IS a treatment, albeit not a medication and I'm not sure it's an ailment! :)

    I have had four and I STILL get baby fever.

  5. Aw, congrats to Jen! My baby is only 6 weeks old and I already miss the brand new baby phase! Lord help us!

  6. how precious the little miracle is

  7. I can't believe my baby is almost walking! I would love to have another sometime in the near future! And as far as I know, thats the only remedy. :)

  8. Hmm...I sense a big announcement coming from you in the very near future :)

  9. Oh no! Don't you know baby fever is contagious? What are you doing showing me all these sweet pictures? (I'm beginning to think you're in cahoots with Chris!)

    Congratulations! That's one seriously adorable new baby!

  10. Emily - You're on to me :) Of course, it was my goal all along to entice you with these baby pictures. Now, get to work!

  11. HAVE ANOTHER BABY. Please? :)

  12. I know exactly what you mean! Ever since my Tot started walking, every baby or pregnant lady has me feeling the fever. The only cure I have ever heard of is to inoculate yourself by getting pregnant. ;)

  13. Oh, I wish there was a drug for this... I'm afraid I'll end up with ten children of my own! My cousin just had a baby, two good friends are delivering in the next week, and I just found out another close family member is pregnant. I want more babies! What's wrong with me? Is two not enough? **sigh**

  14. You're such a wonderful mother, I think you should have at least 3 more :)

  15. I have serious baby fever too and, really, this was too much.

    If you find a cure, would you mind sending it my way? Thanks.

  16. Baby fever is such a lovely condition, why would you want a cure??? The cure is the first 6 months post birth. After that, there's no protection against recurrence. :) My 3rd Baby is 3 weeks old, and people are shocked to find out that we hope he's not our last!

    Besides, I have never heard of anyone regretting "one more." I heard a fantastic quote: "if the thought of having another one scares you then you haven't had enough yet." She has 17 kids.

    I look forward to reading all about your next pregnancy! hehehe


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