Friday, May 7, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #62

1. Guess who's having a Blogging Anniversary Party this week? LENAE!! This week marks 2 years of her awesome wisdom, humor, and graceful words being publicized. As her most annoying groupie, I feel it's my duty to say a big, whopping CONGRATULATIONS!

But more importantly, it's also my duty to inform you all of the awesome GIVEAWAY she's hosting in celebration. Head over to Just Lenae and put your name in the hat for a beautiful, functional, one-of-a-kind prize. And be sure tell Lenae how much you love her in the meantime.

2. Mia, in the typical, yet individually unique way of 4-year-olds everywhere, comes up with some doozies. Observe:

One night last week, Justin got home from work and he was -- of course -- dressed nicely. Mia gasped when she saw him . "Daddy! You look so HANDSOME!" she squealed. He was quite flattered, until she added, "You are MONKEY handsome!"

We have no idea if that's a compliment or simply a declared oddity.

3. Justin, while apparently monkey-like, is pretty well-loved around here. He's been gone every night this week for school-related purposes, and we ladies are getting lonely. Mia asks every afternoon if daddy can put her to bed (and is somewhat bummed when the answer is no), Lauren runs to the front door around dinner time to search the driveway for her hero (and whines about no daddy for hour-like minutes), and I keep looking over my shoulder for the man who will come make the end of the day more fun (because all my fun-making ideas end around dinner time.)

But at least I've gotten to see Justin this week. At least for a few minutes when he creeps home, I might peel my sleeping eyelids open to make sure I know who's crawling into my bed. Mia and Lauren, though -- they miss their daddy. Thankfully, he has the day off today, so HOORAY! Pajama party at our place! BYO Chocolate Milk.

4. I haven't mentioned it yet (I think...), but Justin and I are going on our very first mini-vacation away from the girls. We'll be going to Annapolis/DC for a good friend's wedding next weekend, and I'm so looking forward to it, honestly I am.

But more than anything else, I'm terrified. I've never been away from my babies for longer than an overnight stay, and Justin's always been with them in my absence. This time, they'll be taken care of by their grandmas. Two perfectly capable grandmas. babies. My babies.

I have to move on now, or I'll hyperventilate. Any tips for helping us get through this first trip away from our daughters?

5. A few nights ago (when Justin got home early enough for conversation) I wasn't feeling quite right. Not sick, just generally uncomfortable, but I was having a hard time explaining it to Justin. Thinking for awhile, I finally settled on a description. "It feels like I have a cramp in my side," I said. "Like I've been running or something."

Justin, bless his stinkin' heart, tried valiantly to hold in his laughter. Squinting his eyes with the effort, he said, "I'm just trying to figure out how you would know what a side-cramp from running feels like."

Such a stinker he is. He knows me too well.

6. I had to run to the store yesterday for some crescent roll sheets to make a Sopapilla Cheesecake, and though I tried to stick to buying that one single item, I failed. I came home with crescent roll sheets, oatmeal, mandarin oranges, bananas, greek yogurt, and three candy bars. Not because they were on sale (like, 3 for dirt cheap) but because three seemed more logical than one.

I'm counting on one of you understanding my logic. Otherwise...well...I'll have to go buy five more to make it make sense. The world is a scary place, and candy bars even out the disturbances on my radar.

7. See the frightened gazelle? She shies away from her predator, hoping her sweetness will serve as a deterrent. And normally, it would. But this predator, this dangerous.

It's a snarling, menacing lion, ready to pounce on it's weakened prey. Roaring with intimidation, swiping the air with razor-sharp claws, she comes closer, and closer....

And thank goodness the lion's shoes match her dress. Because that would have ruined the whole plot.

Have a fantastic weekend, all! Stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes and to thank Jen for hosting!


  1. These were hilarious!! I contend you can get cramps from walking quickly, sooo.

  2. That's so weird! I left Camper for the first time EVER two weekends ago...with his Grandma...and went to a wedding in D.C. My only recommendation, get everything packed and ready to go earlyish so that you don't have to worry about it all when you're saying goodbye, and then let yourself cry if you feel like you need it. AFTER YOU LEAVE THE GIRLS. I took the first 20 minutes of the car trip to just BREAK DOWN and cry and worry and freak out, and then I was shockingly fine the rest of the weekend. I actually really enjoyed feeling like a grownup again, waking up without a little human alarm clock, and getting pictures on my phone from Grandma about how much fun my baby boy was having at home. I think it was a really good thing for John and I to get away. So enjoy it :)

  3. The dog and I watch out the door for my husband to come home at the end of the day, too! Yay for Justin's day off today! I hope you're having a glorious time!

    I have no advice on leaving your girls, but I do hope you have a great time on your trip!

    And um, I laughed out loud at number 5.

  4. So let's discuss the important part: do you know how close I live to Annapolis and DC? Okay, I'm an hour-ish from Annapolis but that's considered in the neighborhood around here. Wanna meet for coffee? Does that fit in your wedding schedule? Would that be awesome? Weird? Let me know... ; )

  5. Oh, dahhhhhhling, you shouldn't have! :)

    I am ridiculously jealous of your weekend away with the hubby, but I understand the trepidation over being away from the girls. Ben's trying to convince me to go to a concert this month that is mere hours away -we'd only be gone for half a day!- but I get a stomach ache thinking about it. Babies are totally fine to bring to rock concerts, right?

    Sopapilla cheesecake? I am making some pronto!

  6. I still trying to figure out how you can have ideas to make the day fun all the way 'till dinner time! Wow. :) It's tough when the kids haven't gotten to see their daddy, I always feel like the bad guy responding "Daddy had to go to work".

  7. Yay for you and your mini-vacay! It's about time you two get away. :) I wish I had ideas on how to help you cope. However, all I can do is sympathize. My in-laws took my babies (who had just turned 2 and 4) to Disney this past fall for a whole week! That about ripped my heart out! But talking to them on the phone every few hours did help. More for me than them... :) We're going on our 10-year anniversary trip this summer to CO and I have to leave them again AND baby Tate! Yikes! My heart aches just thinking about it. But it will be HEAVENLY to spend some QT with hubby again! :)

  8. Fun post!
    I'm so glad you get to take a trip! When we left our little girl for the first time at 1 yr. old, it was to go on a missions trip to France! I was a crazy emotional basket case! We did make a dvd of my husband and I reading her favorite books. We also called like crazy. You most certainly will go through "emotional phases" throughout the time, freedom, and loneliness!
    The focused time with your husband will make it all worth it!!!

  9. I think it's great to sneak away with your husband for a mini vacay without the kids (I'd like to try this sometime ha ha) but there is absolutely nothing wrong with missing them every minute and calling them just to check in or even calling for a bedtime story read (I've had Travis do this everytime he's been out of town...afterall bedtime is his duty) I know it'll be hard not to worry and not to miss them, but they will be fine and it's good for them too....great bonding time with Grandparents! So have fun you two!!
    Ooh and for an added bonus: I don't know how long you'll be gone but I bet the girls would love it if you sent them a postcard. Oh and try not to let them feel your reservations about leaving them, make it upbeat sweet and short goodbyes.
    P.S. I love sopapilla cheesecake!!


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