Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art Imitating Dinner

The girls got some sparkly paint in their Easter baskets, and they've loved creating artwork this week. Really, it was just colored glue from the dollar aisle, but it works, right?

Mia helped by squirting fresh globs of paint onto Lauren's paper, and complimenting every stroke: Thatta girl, Lauren! You're painting! It's looking sooooo beautiful!

Later, across the kitchen, I had my own painting session. A bigger brush, a more fragrant canvas, and substantially less glitter.

But also, substantially more payoff. If painting is good, eating your painting is better.


  1. Yum!

    And I am loving Mia's hair bows :)

  2. The paintings look good and the bread looks delicious, but my favorite part has got to be the bows. So cute!

  3. Those bows are cracking me up! So cute! And all those paintings look yummy!

  4. I could live on fresh crusty bread! Ahhh... And little girls with a million oversized bows in their bangs! :)


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