Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #60

1. For yesterday's naptime, my 4 year-old was really in need of some rest, so I all but begged her to go to sleep. She, however, had different ideas. A few minutes after I'd left her with clear instructions to 'not make any peeps', I distinctly heard peeps. Peeps that sounded like princess songs and fairy poems. And they were none too quiet.

I cracked open her door, popped my head in, and told her, "Mia, I said no peeps. Stop talking and singing so you can rest, OK?"

With her eyes wide open, she looked at me and said, "I can't...I'm just...I was only talking in my sleep."

And then I popped my head back out before she could see my laughter spill out all over her bold-faced lie. What do you do with that?! If kids weren't so stinkin' cute, they'd be a lot easier to discipline.

2. Speaking of discipline, when you get these two together, there's bound to be trouble.

This is Lauren with her cousin Evie, and they tend to feed off each other's craziness. Sure, they look innocent enough posing with to-be-planted flowers, but look away for one second and there's a good chance both girls will be eating those flowers.

We try to never look away when these girls are around.

3. Apparently, we're potty training as of yesterday. I don't think I ever gave my consent for this to happen. I'm not ready, and I'm not even convinced that Lauren is ready. But, here we are. Running around naked, cheering over the potty seat, and staring longingly at the stack of diapers.

Those diapers, by the way? I only have 2 left. Today should be interesting.

4. My garden is entirely planted! There was much digging in dirt, pulling of weeds, spotting of creepy crawlers -- centipedes, ants, worms, beetles, spiders. When those creatures got too close to bare fingers, therefore, there was much screaming, jumping, and squealing.

And that was before the little girls even got involved. They loved the bugs, while know me. I didn't.

5. Mia went roller-skating for the first time last weekend, and I was BLOWN AWAY at her coordination and bravery. I hadn't thought she was old enough for skating, but since it was a friend's birthday party, we gave it a wary shot. At least, I gave it a wary shot. Mia's shot was full-throttle, all-out, and wonderfully fun.

She screamed her delight across the rink, squealing and laughing breathlessly. She fell a few times, and only cried momentarily before getting back up and going again. The biggest problem was that we missed her afternoon rest to be there (but see above: she probably wouldn't have slept anyway), and she got tired and cranky by the end.

I can't wait to go back when she's well-rested and when Justin can come with us to help her scoot around the floor.

I don't remember skating being quite so sweat-inducing and breath-stealing. And I wasn't even in skates: I walked beside Mia, holding her hand, instead. I'm sure I would have pulled her down more than helped her remain steady, had I been wearing skates. I'm such a loser.

6. Did you have anything really fantastic for dinner this week? And are you willing to share the recipe?

7. Right now (Thursday night), I'm watching my husband ride his indoor bike-trainer. He's sweating up a storm, raising his heart rate, lowering his cholesterol, strengthening his body, and looking darn good in the process.

Meanwhile, my bottom is falling asleep from sitting here at the computer. I think I'll call it quits. Maybe do some situps, or something.

And then go have some ice cream.

I'm so glad you came today! Have a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


  1. #1- Love it!
    #3- I want to picket around my living room with a sign that says, "NO MORE PEE."
    #7- Ice cream! Yes, please :)

    Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  2. You're definitely not the only mama who has to try to hide the side splitting laughter! Actually, I'm terrible about not even hiding it. He's just so funny...even when he's totally not minding.

  3. I totally agree that discipline would be easier if they weren't so darn cute. Especially girls.

    I have a great chicken tetrazzini recipe, but it's not healthy. (It involves velveeta - the only time I've ever used it) It is yummy, though, and the recipe makes two full-size trays so lots of leftovers. Let me know if ya want it.

  4. Congratulations on the potty training, and... good luck? It sounds scary to me!

    I'm jealous of your gardening (except the bugs part, because, yeah)I want a veggie garden SO bad, but it's not going to happen this year.

    Surely everyone has to hide some smiles at bad behavior, right? It can just be so stinkin' cute!

  5. I love #1!!!

    My husband is going on a bike ride tomorrow. I plan to eat pancakes and bacon with girlfriends!

  6. 4. Oh, we're planting our garden tonight! (Mostly because my husband's too antsy to even wait for tomorrow. I can't imagine what it will be like someday when there are antsy kids helping!)

    5. Yay for roller-skating! You should get a pair of skates (or rollerblades - are those still cool?) and skate with the girls - I bet it'd be a killer workout!

    6. Nothing really fantastic this past week, but I've been craving ricotta pasta with sausage. I'm going to add peppers so I can pretend it's healthy. Anyway, easiest dinner ever: Cook sweet Italian sausage (I like to cut mine into tiny meatballs, without taking the time to actually roll them so they look nice.) Cook onion and peppers in same dish. Make pasta. Stir in ricotta (and a tiny bit of butter and parmesan). Stir in meat and veggies and enjoy!

    Have a great weekend Sarah!

  7. If you're not ready to do potty learning, I'll send you my oldest boy, who currently refuses to use the potty after having been 98 percent potty trained for, like, five months. You guys can roll around lovingly in stacks of diapers (which I will provide) ala Scrooge McDuck in his money pool in Duck Tails. Then you won't have to just wistfully stare at them with your little cutie. ;) Did I just date myself with that TV show?
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

  8. Lenae - Picketing? That means STRIKE!! Let's go on vacation together! (I get off track easily...)

    Madeline - I know! At least our kids are cute, though :)

    Becky - I do want the recipe! I'll try to email you.

    Lucy - It's not scary per se...just not something I've looked forward to. Because I'm lazy, really, and potty training is work!

    Chelsea - You and I could be serious friends...while our hubbies compared bikes.

    TMC - Ricotta pasta sounds good!
    Thanks so much :)

    Hyacynth - I LOVED Duck Tails! (woo-ooo) So, I guess I'm dated too :)

  9. You know what I had that was fantastic for dinner??? That Chicken cordon bleu casserole!!! thank you for pointing me to that recipe!

    And ladies... Duck Tails? Fabulous :) My brother and I were HUGE fans.

  10. I love #1, classic!

    ...and thanks for visiting my blog. I didn't realize how much I would like getting comments. :)

    Love your blog, by the way... hope you don't mind if I become a regular reader.

  11. What a sweet blog you have! And thanks for stopping by mine.

    Happy blogging!

  12. I don't see how you ever, ever resist - that picture in #2 is terribly cute. They are adorable!


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