Friday, April 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #59

1. My house is yellow: my window sills are yellow, my porch is yellow, my kitchen floor is yellow. My roof is yellow. My car is yellow. My cat is yellow. My swingset and garden and fence are all yellow.

Spring is SO in the air, that it's landed with a yellow dusting over everything my eyes can see. Along with rejoicing in the general lack of allergies in my household, I'm enjoying the overpowering perfume of flowering everything and the evidence of abundant new life.

The girls keep presenting me with their own indoor-pollinators to beautify my kitchen sink window, and I love it.

How are you guys holding up through all the pollen?

2. Mia's dinnertime prayer last night went like this: 'Dear God, Thank you for this joyful food and for it to give us energy and we'll have no fears and it'll help us sleep really good without any cries. Amen.'

I love the idea of joyful, nightmare-combating food, don't you?

3. Lucy the Valiant's post this week was WONDERFUL! So wonderful that you should go read it, right now. Writing about how to see silver linings in all the craziness of life, she reminded me to open my happy eyes, and stop being so irritable. Life is good. Good is life. Rock on.

4. My garden is officially underway! I've planted broccoli, romaine, and spinach (Did I already say this once? I don't remember. But I'm so excited, I don't mind saying it again.) so far, but peppers, strawberries, green beans, and 3 kinds of tomatoes are ready to be planted next. Yay for natural, whole, fresh produce!

Now all I need to do is hope that last year's magical green thumb wasn't a fluke, and that I'll have some measure of success this year as well.

5. A few weeks ago, before the yellow haze descended and all the trees began blushing green, we took a walk in the woods by our house, and I took a few pictures that I really liked. I'd forgotten all about them, but since I love them -- the rocky woods, the slanting sunlight, the mystery of traipsing around the forest -- I had to post them, late or not. Hope you don't mind?

Mia calls these the 'Cinnamon Woods'. The reason escapes me now, but it makes perfect sense, whatever it is. When she asks to go for a walk in the Cinnamon Woods, we can't possibly refuse when we're smiling big, goofy grins from her sweet, creative vocabulary usage. Anything named cinnamon has to be an exotic experience.

A handful of huge, moss-encrusted boulders are scattered on a steep hillside, and they're usually one of our main destinations.

They beg to be climbed upon -- and jumped from into a waiting parent's arms.

Every family should have a Cinnamon Wood in which to explore, don't you think?

6. I made this Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole last week, and WOW. I moaned throughout the first 5 bites, shook my head in awe at the second five bites, dashed to the stovetop to sneak the third 5 bites, then loaded up my plate with the fourth 5 bites. I halved the recipe because I wasn't sure how it would go over with the family, and then shed big, gluttonous tears that I hadn't made the whole recipe. It was so good. Sooooo goooood.

7. Now, I have some wonderful news. My good friend, Jill (her name is dropped all over this here blog), has FINALLY started her own blog! I KNOW!! It's about time, Jill!

She'll be writing about important, educated things (In much the same way I write! Right? Guys? Okay. Never mind.) Her blog is called Clearest Glimpse of God, and you should go read her inaugural post to get an idea of what she'll be sharing. She's really brilliant and wonderful and you MUST bookmark her blog, immediately. I'm dying to read her posts, because she's the kind of mom I most want to be like. I expect to hang on her every word and implement her faithful, patient ways in my own parenting style.

(But no pressure, Jill.)

Have a gorgeous (if a bit yellow-hazed) weekend, and stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. Well, we're doing just fine in the yellow-green haze here (no allergies!!), but out black truck is another story!

    The cinnamon woods is wonderful! What a fairy tale name! Those climbing boulders are perfect...

    Thanks for the recipe! I've been cooking more since hubby is gone my with work, gasp! ;) And... I like it all over again!

    I will miss my big garden this year... sniff, sniff.

    And last, but not least, thanks for the links!! Going to check them out right now! Have a super-duper weekend!

  2. I am a mess with the pollen! Thank you for addressing the issue! LOL :) Hoping the casserole recipe will provide some comfort.. Sounds like it might! :)

  3. I am so making that casserole tomorrow night. Thank you!!

  4. I love that Mia refers to it as the Cinnamon sounds like something you'd read in Anne of Green Gables :)

  5. I'm totally envious of your cinnamon woods and garden. Our new house has a huge yard, but the entire thing is in way too shaded for even grass to grow. And, I so love to garden. I have figured out a few places where some potted herbs might at least thrive.

  6. So somehow in this post you managed to find me two new fantastic reads (Lucy the Valiant and Clearest Glimpse of God), help me figure out what to make for dinner next week (umm.. that casserole looks YUMMY) and got me longing for a garden and sweet flowers in the windowsill :)
    Loved all of it!

  7. Thanks for the blog love!!! :)

    The Cinnamon Woods makes me think of the Hundred Acre Woods, but I can't quite make it fit into the Winnie The Pooh song the way I think it should.

    Everything here is completely green with pollen... I can literally watch my car turning green. I've never had allergies, but my chickie seems to have some, unfortunately.


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