Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday - Poe

It's that time of the month again! Time for Perfectly Poetical Tuesday at The Little Stuff of Life. This month's assignment - in honor of creepy, spooky Halloween - was to write a poem in the style of Edgar Allen Poe. I have to be honest and say that I really doubted if I'd actually participate this month. Poe?! Talk about intimidating. Last night, though, inspiration flowed through me into a somewhat Poe-esque creation. Enjoy, if you dare. And then channel Poe yourself - join us at PerPoTues!

The Abyss

There lies between these kitchen walls
An abyss -
Full of time spent chopping and searing.
Full of the ghosts of meals unappreciated;
Wasted on the tongues of children who
Will treasure it not.
They will know of my culinary genius
Nevermore, nevermore.

In my haste to unveil worlds of taste -
Usher them into darkened bistros or
Breeze filled seaside cafes -
I've charged blindly into alien territory.
The abyss
Erases all chance of enlightening their budding buds.
For after a single tortured bite, their lips will part
Nevermore, nevermore.

Our table weeps, crying out for fulfillment. But
The abyss
Offers nothing more than haunted plates
Holding memories of delicious meals past.
Time stands still under the cobwebbed chandelier
As the children scorn anything but bland and
Tastelessly piled food. The plates - the table - to enjoy spice
Nevermore, nevermore.

To guarantee a filled belly in a skeletal child
Who will partake of neither sauces nor flavors foreign,
Adventurous manipulations of exotic ingredients
Have been woefully sacrificed to
The abyss.
In the mad pursuit of any morsel that won't be flung to the floor,
My lament washes over the elaborate recipes that will be created
Nevermore, nevermore.


  1. LOL! This is both well-written and witty.

  2. So glad you decided to go for it! I love the mix of comedy and drama! Thanks for joining in.

    PS If you ever need to exercise your culinary genius, feel free to cook me dinner anytime! I promise not to throw it on the floor. :D

  3. oh, this is brilliant.


  4. How wonderful!! You are such a talent!

  5. I am quite impressed! I think it's an appropriate tribute, for sure.

  6. Love this! Oh, those "haunted plates" and that "cobwebbed chandelier"--Sarah's *heavenly* dining room has become *haunted* indeed! Creepy.

    This inspires me...perhaps next month.

  7. You're unstoppable! I love it!

  8. You have such talent! Poems are so hard. To be able to convery meaning humor etc. It's a gift!

  9. You really are a fantastic write so completely ignor my laughing!

    Its just such a perfect poem!

  10. I kid you not- I researched Poe for hours trying to figure out how I would write this month's poem, and I was so scared that I sissied out. But you took it and rocked it! Your awesomeness just increased :)

    Sadly for Blogger, the opposite is true. I'm ready to go find their corporate headquarters and tee-pee their landscaping: It takes me, like, 20 tries to load your page and I have no idea why. And if trying to load your page 20 times doesn't prove how big of a fan I am, I don't know what will :D

  11. You all are so sweet! Next month's poem is much simpler than this (phew) so you ALL need to join in :)

    Lenae - I know, I was *this* close to not doing it. I read and read about Poe and thought it was too tall a task. But, not having ANYthing else to write about, I just sat down and got started. It was hard work. I grimaced. I scowled. I scared my husband. I couldn't have done it with a newborn. You're forgiven :) Especially since you had to try 20 times to get here! I'm a little concerned about that...and hope it gets cleared up soon. Cause I need my peeps!


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