Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #36

1. This weekend we're going to a big local parade to celebrate the leaf-changing, cool-weather, officially-autumn season. This will be the first time our girls have been to a parade (I think?) and I'm hoping they'll like it. I'm hoping they won't get bored watching people walk past and convertibles drive by. I'm hoping they won't be afraid of the booming marching bands and blaring horns of the Shriner's Club go-carts. I'm hoping they'll be fascinated and smiley, dressed warm enough for the cold morning, and happy to wander among our friends in the crowd. I'm hoping a lot of things, huh?

2. Earlier this week, I participated in Perfectly Poetical Tuesday again. This month's assignment went way over my head, and I wrote a little bit about how I didn't think I'd be able to do it. It was tough for me - a total non-poet - to figure out how to go about writing a poem in the style of Edgar Allen Poe. And I really don't know technically if I got it right in the least. But what I do know is that I had fun - again. These poetry challenges are so far out of my comfort zone that I actually have to think about what I'm doing as I'm writing. Not that that's a bad thing. I think it's good to stretch our limits once in a while, y'know?

While I was concentrating on my poem, Justin was watching a TV show. Every now and then, he'd make a statement or joke about the show, and I'd vaguely answer or smile to show I'd heard him. Not that I had heard him, but I didn't want to seem too distant, and he didn't really want a response. He was just commenting on the plot or something and saying it out loud. But I guess I was looking quite inhospitable during the whole deal.

"Is everything OK tonight?" he finally asked me, looking wary of my answer.

"Oh! Yeah, I'm fine," I said, "I'm just trying to write this poem..."

"And are you mad at the poem?"

After that, I tried to lighten up and it kind of felt like the poem was writing itself at times. I think that's what I've discovered about writing that I enjoy so much - I never know exactly what's going to happen when I begin. It's just a blank page, but then...I write. And it's fascinating to me how it all plays out when I had no idea how to begin in the first place.

3. The poem was kind of humorous and gloomy take on how difficult it's become to cook meals that both of my daughters will eat. They've both gotten so picky and quite often go to bed with only a few measly bites in their bellies, making me question our rule about not getting any other options if you don't eat what I've cooked. Is this food deprivation?

But so far this week, we've had two nights of knock-them-out, bowls-licked-clean, compliments- flying dinners. Both were child friendly to be sure, but even those are hit and miss around here, so I was pleased. First was Potato Soup. Something I've made a hundred times before, but I guess several nights of bare-bones eating from the girls made them LOVE it. Lauren had two bowls, and Mia finished every last bite of hers without Justin or I having to spoon-feed her. Big score.

Second was Chicken Noodle Soup. Made with my homemade chicken broth and leftovers from last week's roast chicken (the one that taunted my fire alarms). I packed it with garlic and onions because I was told by a nurse once that those are the ingredients in soup that really help during cold and flu season. We've all got a touch of something right now and I was hoping for some natural remedies. This time, Lauren had three bowls, and Mia finished her whole bowl again - this time with only minimal help from Justin or I. Double score.

I guess as long as we have soup for dinner, the girls will grow up strong and healthy.

4. I spent yesterday evening making a new cinnamon roll recipe. I didn't take pictures because I couldn't have you all drooling at your computers, but trust me in this: They're gorgeous. There's vanilla pudding in the dough, and the pictures on My Kitchen Cafe look scrumptious if you really need a fix. I've been experimenting with cinnamon roll recipes, trying to find a favorite. I've had lots of good, and even some great attempts - but I still want the best. These might have taken the top spot, though only more experimenting will tell me for sure.

Do you have a fail proof recipe for cinnamon rolls that are fluffy and gooey? Those are some of my myriad requirements, but I'll start small.

5. Overall, yesterday was pretty full of me doing things, and it wore me all the way out. After writing about how disorganized I am, I got frustrated with the un-hangable clothes stacked on my kids' dressers. I got all the summer clothes out of the closets to make way for winter clothes and now that's one less disorganized place in my home. If I could get up enough steam to tackle my own closet, we'd be in business.

6. Here's a can of worms for you: Are you planning to vaccinate your family for H1N1 or the seasonal flu this year? Why or why not? Thank you for your attention to this pressing and confusing matter. Carry on.

7. I think I've mentioned before how fascinated and terrified Mia is of skunks right now. She pretends to be them, she wonders about their lives, she dreams about them, and plays a multitude of skunky games each day. Yesterday, I had a moment of rare inspiration and tried to find a Pepe Le Pew cartoon on YouTube for her to watch. Then we found another...and another...and another...we had the best time watching old Looney Toones. Now Mia's not only smitten with skunks in general, but Pepe specifically. One more chink in the chain of crazy over here.

These videos gave me a case of the galloping nostalgia - enjoy!

Have a fabulous weekend, and be sure to visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


  1. Don't give in on the whole food thing...We now have a healthy 7 year old that cleans her plate at every meal, although I thought she would starve herself from age 1 1/2-4!

    Also, we are absolutlely getting the seasonal flu shot! We get it every year and have never gotten the flu. It's pretty much impossible to get the flu if you get the shot. If you do get sick, it's because you already had the flu in your system it was just not active yet, or you got a different strain of flu than you were vaccinated for.

    As for H1N1, I don't think any of us fall into the at risk category, and I'm about 90% sure we've already had it anyway.

    Sorry for the rant, I will get off my soap box now.

  2. I love cinnamon rolls. The vanilla pudding sounds very interesting.

  3. Great list!

    Have already got the seasonal flu shot, still deciding about H1N1

    Enjoy the parade!!

  4. Parade? How fun! I'm sure your girls will enjoy it. How many kids don't like parades?

    Flu shot, huh? My kids usually get the seasonal flu shot but I don't think we'll be getting the H1N1. It just makes me nervous that there is so much hype about it.

    Mmmm...cinnamon rolls!

  5. You are brave to open up the H1N1/Flu answer is no and no. H1N1 because it's a brand new vaccine and they know nothing about it. How can you possibly say it's safe w/ no long term side affects? I've been sicker because of getting the vaccine than I ever was without it.

    And my goodness....with all of those crazy yummy things in th kitchen how on earth do you find time to write poems and blog?!?!

  6. I say, stick to your guns on the food thing. I know plenty of kids who caused their parents fear of starvation as toddlers, who now will eat just about anything.

    I am wary of flu vaccines in general and have never had one. I definitely will not get the H1N1 vaccine. Who knows what sorts of long term side effects could come of it? I know so many people who get sick-even hospitalized with pneumonia-even though they've had the flu shot. There are hundreds and hundreds of viruses out there. They cannot vaccinate you for all of them. I think, if you are meant to get really sick or die, then it's going to happen whether or not you vaccinate. It just doesn't seem to help much. My husband the immunologist agrees.

  7. We'll get the seasonal flu shot but not the H1N1. I'm leery of new vaccines because there's little to no evidence of the long-term effects. I read an piece this morning about the Gardasil shot and how it's practically pointless, yet pharmaceutical companies are still pushing it on moms of adolescent girls. I'm very distrustful of new, rushed vaccines.

    Plus I'm pretty sure the government is hiding microchips inside the syringes to track us. Or maybe it's aliens.

  8. "And are you mad at the poem?"

    This made be giggle out loud. Each time I thought about it. Tell your husband thank you.

    Flu shot, shmlu shot.

  9. Nope, no shots.

    I also just did teh seasonal clothing changeover. Now I just need to find a piece of furniture for my daughter's room because we need *places* for some of her things that never find a shelf. :-)

  10. Okay, your organizing kick has me totally inspired. Look out closets, here I come!

    And as for your poetry, I love reading your Perfectly Poetical Tuesday submissions, and I'm glad it's been such a fun process for you, too. One of these days I'm going to give it a try. Really! I just need a nice way to ease myself in...

    Hmm, flu shots. I doubt we'll get them. (Although my pregnant girlfriend just had them (at least the traditional one, I'm not sure about H1N1) and she's doing fine.) I'm just skeptical of the new vaccine and, as for the old flu shot, we never get it. Strange as it sounds, I think it's healthy for the kids to get sick once in awhile. Although now that I've written that I hope I don't live to regret it. Why are vaccines always such a difficult decision?!?

  11. Loved your poem this week! I also read your story about disorganization with rapt attention. Great stuff.

    As for immunizations, I've enjoyed reading the comments here. Seasonal flu? No. We'll take our chances as always, but I have been making germ-o-phobes out of my tots with obsessive hand-washing and a new mantra of: "For goodness sake, don't touch your face!" when we're out in public.

    H1N1--I am in that high-risk category, expecting a baby in the height of cold and flu season and though my kids are not in school and I plan to breastfeed, I still worry about being foolish, not getting the shot and then falling prey to this nasty virus with a compromised immune system to boot, not to mention subjecting a vulnerable newborn to it, too. I remember too keenly the helpless feeling when my now 4-year-old got whooping cough at 3 months old despite having been vaccinated. All that being said...I am still on the fence.

  12. I LOVE it when my kids both enjoy the food I make! It's such a bummer to lovingly craft together a meal and have them blankly stare it, throw it on the floor, and/or push it away.

    Hope the parade goes well this weekend!!!

  13. "And are you mad at the poem?" I love it!

    We are not getting the H1N1. It's not available to us so far because we aren't in any high risk group. But I am being very cautious about taking my kids in public and have stocked up on hand sanitizer.

  14. Love the idea for those cinnamon rolls, please post a pic! As for the flu shots, my family doesn't have any health issues that warrant getting "vaccinated". My daughter got the flu this past spring, and after a few days laying around she got better. If she had an immune system disorder, I would consider the seasonal shot. As for the h1n1, it was rushed to market, and I don't want my family or me used as a guinea pig.

  15. We have the same food rule, and Lily is just now starting to be picky about what food she eats. She's been to bed a couple of times with what I thought seemed not much food in her belly and I wrung my hands thinking "Are we doing the right thing?" But she had a voracious appetite the next day so i think it's working pretty well!

    As for the vaccines -- we are not getting the H1N1 -- too new and since Lily doesn't go to daycare, the risk for her is much more minimal. The regular flu shot however we are getting. We had a long talk with our doctor -- unless you get the inhaled version of the vaccine you are not getting an active virus and you can't get sick from it. The shot is fine and since she felt comfortable with it, we were too. Good luck with your decision!

  16. Shoot. I was really hoping you weren't going to say anything about working really hard organizing clothes. Now I feel like I have to, too!

    ps- no shots here!

  17. Those cinnamon rolls were DELICIOUS!!

    Is that video really appropriate for a 3 year old ha ha? I guess I never really thought about how horny that skunk was ha ha ha.

    Savannah and Travis have both gotten the regular flu shot-I still need to. I never got one until I was pregnant and made Travis get one too, we did last year too. As for the H1N1, I don't even know....


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