Friday, April 3, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #9

1. Last week, I quick-taked (uhhh..) about Lauren's birthday party preparations. Here's how it went.

2. As of yesterday, Lauren is officially a walker. She walked more than crawled, all day long. She willingly let go of hands and furniture, and trekked out across the entire house. It's unsteady and slow-going, and it's adorable. We shot some videos last night so we'd never have to forget her look of concentration and elation as she goes wherever she chooses, on her own steam.

3. It's gotten out of hand lately, me staying up too too late and being too too tired the next day. Weeks on end of this behavior seem to have changed my internal sleep-clock (is that a real thing?) entirely. I'm tired enough to sleep by 8PM, but somehow a second wind overtakes me and before I know it, it's midnight and I'm perusing some stranger's Tweets, wondering why I'm hungry again. By then, I'm too jazzed to rest easy, so it's even later by the time I finally crash. And 6AM always comes at 6AM. Always.

So this week, I've really been making an honest effort to get to bed earlier. Jammies on, teeth flossed (as per my new year's resolution), reading in bed, and off to la-la-land by 10PM is my goal.

Not that I'm quite there yet, but it's getting better.

4. I have big plans for this weekend. My plans are more on the idealistic side than on the realistic side, but I'm a dreamer. Here they go. (Wow, sub-categories in Quick Takes? Surely this breaks all the rules...)

5. I want to mow the lawn. And by that, I mean I want Justin to mow the lawn. Several weeks of on again off again warmth and rain have left us with a field of clovers. The purplish kind that grows 6 inches tall and attracts entire universes of bumble bees. Not conducive to outdoor play with the kiddos.

6. I want to go to the recycle center. Mia loves it there, and our little recycling corner is overflowing into our little parking space in the garage. This must be remedied. A quick trip is all it takes.

My question is this: If the recycle center is on the exact opposite corner of town, how much gas do we burn in making this earth-loving trip? And is our effort made totally worthless by driving so stinkin' far in our SUV to deposit our assorted recyclables? And if a car with a 36 MPG rating leaves San Francisco with 4 passengers, stops in Denver to fill-up, but gets High-octane fuel instead of unleaded, and drives 12 hours downhill without stopping before unloading 2 passengers in St. Louis...

Are you still here?

7. I want to build a raised bed to plant some veggies. And strawberries. And herbs. Pioneer Woman says I can do it, and posted instructions on how to go about it all.

We shall see.

Enjoy your weekend, and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes.


  1. We too are attempting a garden with fruits, veggies and herbs this spring/summer...Although I am not so sure about this Texas clay we have for "soil"...Good luck!

  2. Danelle - Pioneer Woman also has a post about adapting your clay soil to be better suited for gardening. A wealth of information, that site is. I'll probably have to get some good dirt and compost to mix with our soil b/c it's pretty clay-ey too.

  3. While you all are talking soil and growing your own produce, I'm still having dreams about that lovely frosting you made for Lauren's birthday. Since you mentioned the party again in your quick takes, I thought I'd better put in my request for the recipe. As a lover of sugary sweet frosting (which I've been dipping into all week - thank you, Sarah!), I think that would be a great addition to your blog!

  4. I want to start going to bed sooner as well. I have no idea why it is so hard!

    Lucky you already having grass/clover long enough to need mowing!

    Good luck on your raised bed garden!

  5. Wow. I could have written number three. That's totally me! Good for you for making an effort to go to bed earlier. I need to do that, too.

    As for the grass problem, I can help you there! Just quietly e-mail your husband this link:

    It worked for me...

  6. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  7. Jill - Buttercream is posted and ready for your mass consumption...enjoy!

    Rae - I imagine I'd be complaining a bit more if we were still snow covered and barren, you're right. Grass is better.

    Suburban Turmoil - Holy Shmoley! Welcome to This Heavenly Life! I may have to resort to your lawn-mowing tactic in the future. Justin wanted to get it done as badly as I did this weekend, so no trickery was needed. *sigh* Your way is more fun.

    George/Kayley - I'm glad you commented! And glad to have you. Try not to trip over any hula-hoops, and stay as long as you like.


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