Friday, February 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #4

1. Earlier this week, we broke out the bubbles. Being in the middle of winter here, I see no problem in blowing bubbles in the kitchen to ease our suffering. This was the first time Lauren got to witness bubble blowing, and it didn't disappoint.

While Mia ran across the room, yelling "Patch 'em! Patch 'em!" (combination of 'catch' and 'pop,' I think) Lauren sat transfixed, staring at the shimmering globes all around her. Before too long, though, she started giggling. Then she started belly laughing. At this point, Mia was doing everything possible to encourage LJ's laughter. She got Lauren laughing so hard, she got the hiccups.

I was enjoying their laughter so much, I egged it on, not noticing Lauren's growing discomfort until I saw her gag on her hiccups. She laughed so hard, hiccuped so bad, that she threw up a little in her mouth.

Awesome. Now that's fun.

2. Mia was looking in our full-length mirror the other morning, while Lauren practiced standing in front of it. Lauren bounced and kissed herself, while Mia hugged her and made goofy faces.

All of a sudden, Mia announced, "We're getting married, mama." She continued to purse her lips and bat her eyelashes at her reflection.

"Oh, yeah?" I replied, smiling at her thought process. The day before, we'd spent a long time looking at Justin and my wedding pictures.

"Yeah," she said, "I'm a princess, and Lauren is a prince, and we're married." She put her arms around Lauren, and laid her head on her shoulder. This irritated Lauren, who was struggling to maintain an upright stance, and she started fussing.

"Lauren doesn't want to be married, mama. She's too fussy." Mia was saddened - but not altogether put off. "It's OK Lauren, we're going to live happy ever after! It's all right, sweetie!"

Then...she kissed her baby sister/prince charming.

3. Last night, when Justin was getting Mia ready for bed, they were talking about how to spell certain words. After they'd been through three or four words, Mia was losing interest but Justin tried one more.

"Mia, do you know what C-A-T spells?"

No reply.

"C-A-T? What does that spell, Mia?"

She sighed dramatically. "I don't really care very much, daddy." She said this with such an air of boredom, it was all we could do not to laugh.

You ask a kid a question, you're gonna get an answer. One way or another.

4. Since these quick takes are apparently all about the kiddos today, I might as well keep it up.

This morning, I had to take Lauren to the doctor's office to check on a cough she's had. I wasn't too worried about it (really, it's a problem of mine - I never think any sickness is bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. If Justin weren't around, the kids would almost never go.) but Justin wanted me to call, so I did.

When I told the nurse about Lauren's barking cough, rattling chest, and hoarse voice, she immediately told me I'd need to bring her in.

"But, but"...I stammered..."she hardly ever coughs, and she's probably fine, I just want to know if it's OK for her to have some Mucinex to break up the cough a bit. I'm not sure she really needs to come into the office..."

The nurse said she'd really like for us to bring her in because they've been seeing a lot of pneumonia and RSV lately.

Crud. That husband of mine is usually smarter than I give him credit for in these areas.

So we went this morning, submitted her to pokes and prods, and got a diagnosis of....

Croup. Which, from what I understand, isn't a virus or bacteria so much as it's a reaction to changes in weather.

And, really? I think she could've skipped the visit to the doctor. They told me I could give her some Dimetapp and Mucinex (and an oral steroid if I want to) which was all I wanted to know in the first place.

I think the reason I'm so hesitant to take the girls to the doctor is because it seems like an invitation for another, much worse, sickness. I'm hoping it's just coincidence that they always seem to get sick about a week after a doctor visit. Those waiting rooms are chock full of sick kids spreading germs everywhere my kids and I have to be. It's all part and parcel, I guess.

And I'm sure it doesn't help when Lauren chews and licks the shopping cart. Maybe the waiting rooms aren't the culprit after all.

5. BoldOkay, so that last one wasn't very quick. And neither will the next one be. I'm totally a rule-breaker. Just ask anyone, they'll tell you...that Sarah's a real rebel.

6. A funny thing happened yesterday while I was whipping up a batch of Sweet Chicken for dinner. I had several bags of groceries sitting in the middle of the kitchen that I hadn't unloaded yet. The girls were playing quietly with some toys, and Mia began sorting through all the bags. My hands were covered in gook, so I didn't try to stop her from "helping" to put the groceries away.

She unloaded everything, lining up canned goods and baby food, stacking boxes, and shoving all the bags together. I wouldn't say she cleaned up the floor, because it was a much bigger mess after she did it, than when she began. Lauren took everything Mia arranged, and moved it, crawled over it, smashed it, whatever took her fancy.

By the time dinner was ready, groceries were strewn all the way around the corner into the front door entryway. The cabinets were wide open, fruit was in the living room, and our kitchen has never been messier. I was surprised by my level of calm. Usually, I start feeling very overwhelmed when things are too chaotic, but this time, I was perfectly happy. The girls had been kept busy playing with groceries. How simple.

I had Mia help me put the food in the cupboards and fridge, and place the scattered toys back in the toy box. All was well.

7. And about that Sweet Chicken? You should make it. It's WONDERFUL! It's a favorite of our family's, and I found the recipe at My Kitchen Cafe. Well, she calls it Sweet and Sour, but I thought the 'sour' part would turn Mia off, so I tell her it's sweet chicken, and she's happy.

Justin could finish one pan of this by himself, if I'd let him. On the flip side, I could finish one pan of this by myself if Justin would let me. My mom requested it for her birthday, and Justin requests it every day. You should absolutely try it. Then make some for me, too. Because ours is already gone.

You can find more Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend!

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