Friday, November 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #39

1. I'm a Thursday night Quick Take writer. I don't count on having time throughout the day on Fridays, so I know I need to get it done beforehand and just schedule it to post Friday morning.

2. This week, I am suffering from a self-blamed lack of sleep.

3. On the nights I have no other obligations, I stay up far too late perusing strangers' blogs. I can't tear myself away from great writing or beautiful pictures or hilarious sightings.

4. On the nights I do have other obligations, I stay up far too late finishing other tasks that were unable to be completed due to daytime toddler-wrangling.

5. Therefore, on this Thursday night, I am too tired to put together some Quick Takes.

6. But also too enmeshed in the QT routine to fall off the bandwagon (even for just one week).

7. So what you are left with is this list, and I am left with an early bedtime. I win.

Have a restful weekend, and visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes. (Though probably not quicker than these woefully short ones.)


  1. I still like it!

    I'm a night blogger too. Then in the mornings I do one quick re-read and then publish it.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. We all have those weeks, even those of us who have no toddlers at home.

  3. When I opened this post, I thought, "Wow. This is a short QT for Sarah." LOL! I still love it and am glad that you got some much-needed sleep last night.

    P.S. We went to the book fair yesterday and bought a few new books. I couldn't help but think of you and your library posts! :) I found some GREAT ones!! Maybe you've already read them, but here they are...

    1) The Pout-Pout Fish
    2) The Very Cranky Bear


  4. Yay for early bedtimes :)

    I'm typically a night blogger myself. It works for me :)

  5. I am guilty of late-night blogging too.

    However I can't blame my sleep deprivation today on that or the baby (he's been a dream!), but on frantic house cleaning because family is coming for a visit. And I'm making chili but I accidentally forgot to buy an essential ingredient so guess who went to Walmart at 2 in the morning?! (It was rather pleasant actually... 2 a.m. would be a very mellow time to shop if I wasn't the walking dead at that time of morning.) Anyyyyyyyhoo- No Quick Takes for me this week, for obvious reasons. I am officially a QT Loser.

  6. it! Ditto...on just about all of that.

  7. What is it about a well-written blog? And why am I so interested in strangers' lives? Dunno, but I like reading yours!

  8. Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus and say: I hope you got some rest!

  9. Enjoy your (hopefully) restful weekend!


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